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Techlaborate LLC was formed after considerable research in the area of technology adoption.  Our experience and research uncovered what we believe are the key issues specifically inhibiting the uptake of collaboration technology and services:

1)     Creating environments that promote collaboration is a people problem, not a technology problem.


2)     The diverse and complex marketplace for these tools is difficult to decipher.


3)     Measuring the business impact of collaboration and communication initiatives is frequently ignored.


4)     Ironically, the lack of collaboration and understanding between administration and

        information technology departments inhibits adoption.

The M4 Collaboration Value Optimization program was developed to address these issues.  Our goal is not to sell a piece of technology, but to aid teams in understanding:

1)      Where are their collaboration challenges?


2)      Where is it worth it to invest resources to improve collaboration?


3)      From which solutions will they find the most value for their unique environment?


4)      How do they optimize the promises of collaboration value?

In the program’s execution, we strive to bridge the gap between technology teams and their administration counterparts.  By enhancing these communication channels, we hope for a long term benefit beyond the initial project: a continued dialogue that promotes innovation towards the institution’s goals.


Additionally, we aspire to impart skills, with respect to employee engagement, that will provide supplementary tool sets applicable to future change management initiatives.


This effective solution is available to transform collaboration technology mediums into sustainable value for your team’s specific initiatives.  We look forward to the opportunity to deliver the M4 Collaboration Value Optimization program to assist you in reaching these goals.


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