Techlaborate M4 Collaboration Value Optimization Program



EDUCATE teams on the collaboration technology market and possible benefits relative to their business goals.

The M4 Value Optimization program is deliberately devised to facilitate sustainable value:


  • Translate your metrics to direct technology’s impact


  • Shape behavior to enable long term buy-in;


  • Measure impact for visibility and adjustments

The collaboration market is inundated with a plethora of tools, asynchronous and synchronous.  They range from instant messaging, to video, to social enterprise 2.0 platforms.  The M4 program quickly deciphers and explains these options so you may more accurately map them to your initiatives.

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BRIDGE the gap between technology teams and other lines of business.

As discussed here, business units are not product experts; the IT departments are not process experts; and, neither are likely adept at employee engagement and quantifying business impact.  However, BOTH must be involved in any decision to acquire and implement new tools and, responsible for the project’s success.   Recognizing the importance of all stakeholders, M4 defines a common goal and framework to bridge the gap between teams, enabling everyone to contribute their necessary expertise.

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MAP business goals and processes to collaboration tools: Converged Collaboration

Bad collaboration is worse than no collaboration at all.”  Implementing tools to check the “collaborate box” on your list will rarely benefit the organization.  M4 starts with understanding business goals and measuring which process would benefit the most by introducing new tools.  This substantially reduces the company’s risk by focusing your capital and effort where it is needed most.



SHAPE the path to a network effect of usage

The strategy behind M4 is to expand the user base as business goals are met.  You wouldn’t make a trek across the mountains without understanding your terrain.  Why embark on an enterprise-wide roll-out of SharePoint, for example, without an understanding of your cultural challenges and specific business needs.  M4 creates collaboration scaffolding for enterprise wide deployments and drives momentum for the tools’ network effects.



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ADDRESS your collaborative culture to increase engagement and usage

Many change management programs, like ADKAR, cite ineffective messaging and lack of executive sponsorship as the largest barriers to success.  No matter how good the tools or intentions, failing to address these areas will inhibit your program’s success.  M4 applies new research in behavioral and social psychology to facilitate the necessary collaborative culture and messaging specific to your organization.


QUANTIFY the effect of tools and employee engagement against business goals

Unfortunately, the impact of most business technology implementations is never measured.  M4 has specifically designed a measurement process to quantify the results of your collaboration initiative.   Though many do not feel quantifying collaboration is possible; it is imperative to the M4 program.  Measurement is the only way to accurately determine success, or where to make adjustments.

We look forward to speaking with you and your team to discover how this goal defined, people and process oriented strategy, can bring sustainable collaboration value with measurable results.


Please see our Services Section to select the vertical specific to your needs and initiate an introduction.

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Precepts of the M4 Value Optimization Program:  

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