Why change management fails in organizations

Leaders today must understand and apply the knowledge of behavioral psychology and the lessons from brain science to manage organizational change successfully. In the past, efforts at organizational change which has focused on the structural aspects of organizations have systematically failed because they have neglected the reality that change […]

The 8-Step Process for Leading Change

Plan for achievements that can easily be made visible, follow-through with those achievements and recognize and reward employees who were involved. Learn More » Use increased credibility to change systems, structures, and policies that don’t fit the vision, also hire, promote, and develop employees who can implement the vision, and […]

The Curse of Knowledge

Magazine Impenetrable strategy statements can’t unite employees behind an organization’s goals, but concrete language and stories can. Many sensible strategies fail to drive action because executives formulate them in sweeping, general language. “Achieving customer delight!” “Becoming the most efficient manufacturer!” “Unlocking shareholder value!” One explanation for executives’ love affair […]